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I’m Tanya (she/her) and I work with my hands. I create nice ceramic things to hold, and am also invested in helping folks feel held as a full-spectrum doula. I guess I work with my heart too. It’s all connected anyway. I’m still figuring out how to talk about the spaces I’m exploring, the work I’m doing, and the way it all overlaps.


In both my work as a care provider and my art-making I'm curious about how we engage with ourselves, others, and the objects around us. Originally from upstate NY, where I completed my BFA in 2010, I've spent the last decade building connections within the Austin creative community. My ceramics are colorful, decorative, and celebratory. Familiar and inviting, they nudge into fantasy. Worldbuilding and storytelling about imagined girlhood, community ritual, and cycles of magical transformation. 

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