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supportive care
Life is full of uncertainty, and it can feel overwhelming, 
uncomfortable, and isolating. Let my grounding energy and comforting touch be an anchor for you to dive deeper into your lived experience. Let’s work together to co-create a brave space where your body and intuition are the guides, your vulnerability is respected as sacred, and an embodied and empowered transformative experience is possible.
How can I support you in feeling held? 




✽ birth support​​​​​ 

I work as part of the collective ATX DOULAS. Please visit their website for packages and pricing. 

✽ birth release (miscarriage/abortion) support, conscious contraception skillshare, and end of life companionship are

offered at sliding scale/free.

*Sliding scale available upon request. If you are able to, I ask that you please pay the full rate, as in doing so you are supporting a full spectrum of care within our community. I volunteer time with GALS, Black Mammas ATX and Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, and offer compassionate companionship free of charge to folks seeking birth release support. 10% of my fees are donated to BIPOC or LGTBQIA+ persons or organizations working locally toward reproductive justice. I am personally and professionally committed to anti-racist, trauma-informed, inclusive work and a redistribution of resources to those in our community who are absolutely essential to creating a safe and empowering life experience for all bodies

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